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'The Watcher' House - NO CC

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Uploaded: 15th Nov 2022 at 5:07 PM
Hi everyone!

After watching 'The Watcher' on Netflix I really wanted to rebuild the mansion. It turned out huge! The 64x64 lot still wasn't big enough but I made it work.

There are:
- 5 bedrooms
- 3.5 bathrooms
- 2 living areas
- 1 private gym
- 1 home cinema
- 1 hunting room,
- 1 sunroom
- 1 2-car garage.
- 1 laundry room
- 1 kids play room
- 1 shed

That's all. There is DEFINITELY NO secret tunnel system, in case you were wondering. The spacious garden and luxurious pool make the outside an excellent space for your sims to host pool parties.

The best news? The home has been reduced in price! It's basically a steal. I'm convinced your sims' family will live a happy life, enjoying privacy and the non-existent tunnel system which may or may not connect to some mystery-man watching every move you make .