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Haunted Langley Manor, NO CC

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Uploaded: 29th Oct 2022 at 4:28 AM
Updated: 29th Oct 2022 at 6:14 AM
Good evening...
Welcome to the Langley Manor.
And before you ask, no. It is not haunted. So please, do not be afraid...you are all welcome. In fact, we hope you will never leave...

I originally uploaded this lot last October, but with A TON off CC. If you like CC, please click here.

This lot took me ages to build. AGES. It consists of 4 floors. I built the home on a hill for multiple reasons. You would think the main one being because it is creepy and reminiscent of the house from Psycho. That may have become true at some point, but my original reason for doing so was so that I could build a basement that has actual windows!! I hid the fact that there is a basement by surrounding the edges of the building with creepy dead plants. This hides the gap in-between the wall and the terrain. Then I had the brilliant idea of construction an even deeper "real" basement. Why? Because I hate myself and want to be overworked.
So what's in this house, anyway?
The Home is built in the Victorian style (or what I think Victorian is). The main floor features a large foyer with a staircase. There is also a 2 story library, a dining room, kitchen, and a 'family room'. Up on the second level lies 3 bedrooms and two full baths. Up one more floor is where the master bedroom is found, along with another guest bed and bath, and a study, for the master of the estate to conduct their business. All in all a pretty normal mansion that totally isn't haunted. But, somewhere in the basement behind the staff quarters and the masters main study lies a secret room.
The ritual room.
Read on for the backstory...

Generations ago, the affluent Langley family became famous in Brindleton Bay and the surrounding townships for their generous donations to the community. After all, it was the Langley's whom founded the town's first dog park, as they wanted to share their love for animals. So nobody asked any questions when they bought the old abandoned Brindleton Mine. The caves were filled in, and a lovely, colorful manor was perched atop them. It became known as Langley Manor, and the Langley Estate. Although the townsfolk were in awe of the sheer size of the home, visitors were scarcely permitted on the grounds, let alone in the house. This led to curiosity, and in the absence of any knowledge of what went on in that house, people started to tell tales. Tales of creatures too hideous to show their faces. Tales of the Langley's, who were rarely spotted at night, being full blown vampires. Eventually, people started to surmise that those old caves were never truly filled in, and that the Langleys were performing ritualistic killings down in their basement. So many longed to catch but a glimpse of what went on in that house. The Langleys eventually had trouble with kids sneaking on the grounds, and peeking into their windows. On one fateful evening, a boy, Tommy Fitzgibbons, ventured onto the Langley estate, and died. The Langleys swore that in the dark of night, he had slipped into the pond and drowned, accidentally. But many did not believe them. And talk spread among the citizens of Brindleton bay, and as far as the big city. The Langleys decided they needed to keep people off their property, and so they had a large hedge maze constructed. Any Sim attempting to spy on them would surely get lost in the maze, and turn back home...
Some say those who venture into the maze never make it out, and spend eternity haunting the grounds.
Years turned to decades, and the once bright and colorful home turned a dark grey, and the bustling trees and shrubbery wilted into death. Nobody has seen or heard from the Langleys in years. Life moved on around their estate, and with each passing year it seemed the house drew breath, and the house grew taller and narrower, and the fence grew larger and sharper, and the maze stretched into infinity, Who knows what really goes on in that home. Perhaps the Langleys are just gravely misunderstood, and perhaps the rumors are true, and they possess a hint of the supernatural. The only way to know for sure is to venture inside, but there is no telling if one who goes in, may ever come out...

Please, I highly value any and all feedback. Let me know in the comments!