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Haunted Victorian Mansion

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Uploaded: 15th Oct 2021 at 7:12 PM
Updated: 17th Oct 2021 at 6:44 AM

Good day, here is a Mansion in Victorian style, built on the 64x64 lot in Brindleton Bay. I highly recommend using that lot as the views are perfect for this home. To start, brave the hedge maze to make it to the foot of the front steps, inspired by the front steps of the Bates home in Psycho. The home includes, among other things, a library, a green house, plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms, a secret vampire lair, and a dungeon. There is a lot to explore here! For the size of the lot, I needed to use a lot of CC for variety which I have linked down below.
This lot is multiple years in the making, and this is my second time uploading it due to some complications with the guidelines. Hopefully you enjoy it in time for Halloween. Note that this lot works wonderfully as a haunted house, and it was built specifically for that purpose. Let me know your thoughts!

As for the CC, I have linked the sets I used, and there are a lot. However, I did not use each item from the sets I downloaded. So, for those who only want to download the exact items used in this lot and not all the extra cc items that came with those sets, I have created an exhaustive list, which fully details the exact items used in an organized manner (and of course credits their creators) and provides links to the relevant pages. https://docs.google.com/document/d/...dit?usp=sharing