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Memory Panel: a Mod for Lifelong Memories v1.51

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Uploaded: 1st Dec 2022 at 12:28 PM
Updated: 4th Jan 2023 at 8:32 PM
LIFELONG MEMORY / MILESTONE INTERFACE, shoing Sims' 'first times' in chronological order, sprinkled with special moodlets, and more! : D

It records the First Times your sims experience something big, and remains for their entire life. Think of it as a 'list of major things Sim has ever done / lived' that can also show with whom, grant special moodlets and relationship statuses, and a bit more!

Last Updated: Jan. 23. Update notes:

How it works:

0. Your Sims willautomatically acquire memories / milestones when they experience something marking for the very first time ever.
Click for details

1. You are able to open your sim’s memory profile to quickly visualize what marking events have happened in their life.
The memories appear in CHRONOLOGICAL order.

2. You are able to open your sim’s memory profile to quickly visualize what marking 'first time' events have happened in their life.
The memories of those 'first times' appear in CHRONOLOGICAL order.
Only the 'first time' appears in the panel. But the panel holds information about subsequent happenings too, and who things happened with, including who was first, etc. More on this below.

When in that window, clicking a Sim will give you some choices:

3. Sims might react differently to things happening for the first time VS later in life.
At the moment, this translates as additional moodlets – for example, a Sim will get a different moodlet for being fired the first time and for being fire one more time.

[list][*]There are social bunny posts, for those who have High School Years (the pack is NOT a requirement for this mod, but if you don’t have it, of course you won’t have the social bunny posts).

List of possible Memories for v1.5 (+- 80)
Click the collapsible menu below to see the list.

Bonus Features:
  • – on first install, the mod will retroactively add to your sims the 'first time' milestones / memories it can deduct from your Sim’s relationships, etc. It can RETROACTIVELY deduct ONLY CERTAIN STUFF, since a lot of it depends on custom code in the mod itself, so, a lot of it can only be properly acquired after the mod is installed.NOTE: WHEN RETROACTIVE, the mod has no idea when each thing happened, so, the retroactive stuff is added in an order that is always the same one. WHEN RETROACTIVE only, it also has no idea who as fought with, or kissed / woohoo'd with first.
  • There is also a menu under ‘actions’ to cheat-add or cheat-remove milestones /memories.
  • There is a Social Interaction to ask other Sims about their memories / milestones. It won’t tell you everything though.
  • If you shift + click on another Sim, you will see a cheat to view their Memory Panel.
  • When a Sim kisses / woohoo’s for the 1st time in their life, or kisses someone for the fits time, they will have a special additional status with that sim:

What’s next?
  • I want to add More Impact for milestones / memories! Also More social Interactions! But I must rest my hands at the moment.
  • More stuff to be displayed in the panel. I’m working on listing and displaying all careers a Sim has ever had[/*]
  • More memories can and probably will be added later, share your suggestions if you want!
  • Integration of / with other mods is possible, but requires cooperation between the other modder and I.