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No more borders - All borders made invisible

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Uploaded: 4th Jun 2024 at 2:58 AM
Updated: 5th Jun 2024 at 4:49 PM
Have you ever wanted to remove that red border when you pause your game or that purple border when you're viewing your map ? and somehow the border that shows up when you're recording within the game ? Rest assured, this mod was made for you. I've made all three borders completly invisible in game.

If you're not using a UI recolor/overhaul, this mod should already be compatible. However, if you are using a UI recolor/overhaul, I've compiled a list of UIs that are compatible or incompatible with this mod. If you wish to make it compatible with an incompatible UI, I've included a tutorial at the end that even a beginner can follow. If you would prefer a video type tutorial, please tell me in the comments !


Compatible UIs

Gray UI by Helren
Sakura UI by aecyia
Golden UI by GogosOVS
Black Girl Magic UI by Mookymilk
Cinnamonroll UI by Mookymilk
Sweetdreams UI by sasunaru123
Mint UI by fernpolska

Incompatible UIs

Clean UI by Justmiha97
Dark as night : Black UI by spamaccount

Unknown Compability UIs

Bedrock UI by redandvidya


Will conflict with :

Anything that modifies and replace these IMAGs :

How do I make this mod compatible with my UI recolor if it's incompatible ?
  • 1. Open the UI package file with S3PE
  • 2. With the search feature in S3PE, down at the bottom on the horizontal tab, make sure to check the following : " Filter Active ", " Name " and " Tag "
  • 3. For the Name write : HUDBorderTreatments - For the Tag write : IMAG

Here's how it should look like :

  • 4. Once that's done, click on " Set " and S3PE will search up the images for you
  • 5. Normally, you should find 2 files. Right click on them and then click on " deleted " for the both of them. Once that's done it should look like this :

  • 6. Save the file for your modifications to apply and then it should be compatible with this mod :D

Credits : S3PE as usual