Medieval toilet and wash-basin

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Uploaded: 17th Jun 2005 at 4:12 PM
Updated: 7th Mar 2014 at 1:30 PM by leefish
could you help me test this?
It's made as a sort of unofficial request. It seems several people (including me) have a lot of medieval simmies. And modern toilets just don't look right
So here they are.
Made with Blender and SimPE 0.38
My thanks to besen, for another wonderful german translation :howdy:

The info:
Poly count: 656
Price: 650
Hygiene: 6, Room score: 2

Poly count: 302
Price: 350

Both are low in poly's (lower than maxis originals, at least).
They come with catalogue entries for Dutch, French and German. Everyone else gets English.
They are recolorable and, in fact, come with recolors
The wash-basin: (default) wood and pewter, wood and 'Delfts Blue' porcelain, and a 'spooky' version.
The toilet: (default) wood and maxis castle stone, wood with cross inlay, wood with celtic rosette inlay and spooky version.
All the colors have their very own disgusting dirty version.

The legals:

You are free to recolor, hack, fiddle with these meshes, and post your work, as long as you place a link to the original mesh here, and tell me all about it.
Please ask me before posting the mesh anywhere.
Please do not put these objects in a downloadable lot.
Note that this is a beta. Download at your own risk.

Known issues:

Consistency. I don't have the guts or the expertise to actually hack these objects. So those silly simmies will insist on flushing, turning taps, etc. I'm also pretty sure that the 'bowl' can break down and spew water all over the bathroom. Just use your imagination and pretend it's a magic curse
I tested these extensively in my (EP)game. But please let me know if it also works fine for people without ep.

Pic (my graphics card was playing up when I made these shots. It's designed to look better than that )

Ok, enjoy and feel free to comment.