Testers Wanted: Muggle Studies Major

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Now with a unique new icon made by whiterider (complete genius by the way, thankyou!)

It does not replace any major but it is cloned from the Economics Major (so has the same class times). Based on the class from the Harry Potter books

Muggle Studies: The study of Muggles with their mundane lives and oh so naive beliefs

Class titles:
Sporks and other Muggle items with fun names
Portraits that don't move
Electricity 1: It's a kind of Magic
Electricity 2: It's Alive!!!
Muggle History: What we don't want them to know
Muggle Mythology: What they noticed
The Muggle theory of time and spce: It'll give you a headache
Why Muggles prefer not to know

For information on installing the major go here
The GUID is 0x000B1A07

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