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What sort of name is Goopy for a wizard - Harry Potter replacement names for Townies (Updated 19/06/08)

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Uploaded: 13th Sep 2007 at 3:14 PM
Updated: 29th Aug 2008 at 1:38 PM - Update
Updated 19/06/08
Firstly let me note that this has always been compatible with Free Time and I suspect will remain compatible with Apartments
What has changed is;
  • Fixed issue where half the male names were actually surnames. No idea how this happened but only noticed it the other day when Black Diggle appeared in my neighbourhood
  • Updated male and female first names with extra names that were on the wikipedia list of characters that weren't on the lexicon list when I originally made this
  • Fixed a couple of misspellings and repeated names
  • Added a few extra female names, mostly common names, call them Muggleborn names if you like. A few cheekily added witch names from other genres that seemed to fit. Did this partly because the female name list was always short and partly because if I saw yet another townie called Walburga in my neighbourhood I was going to scream.

Got a Magic themed neighbourhood and fed up of the maxis default names? Well now your townies and NPCs can have genuine Harry Potter names.

This file will not affect your current townies and NPCs but makes it so when the game creates a new Townie or NPC they will have a a randomly selected name taken from the Harry Potter books thanks to a new list compiled from the Harry Potter Lexicon's Which Wizard section.

Names you will see:
For examples of possible names see the pictures below (one an excerpt from the list of possible names the other some new Townies and NPCs my game randomly generated), basically any combination of any of the names from the Harry Potter universe - including the multinational ones - with a few exceptions

Names you will not see:
You will not see any of the surnames that are vital characters in the Harry Potter books; Potter, Weasley, Granger, Dumbledore, Riddle, Gaunt, Black, Malfoy etc
But you WILL see their first names, that is Harry, Hermione and Ron could appear

To install just unzip anywhere in the Downloads folder or into a sub folder.

Note: When you start a new neighbourhood you will still get the original maxis non-wizarding names as the game automatically imports these. To get a fresh neighbourhood see here

Also Note: If you want default townie replacement names but don't fancy having Urquhart Scamander running around your neighbourhood I suggest Jordi's original name replacing hack. These files are in NO WAY compatible with each other and in fact one will automatically replace the other

This has been tested for all expansions (including Free Time) with no problems

Additional Credits:
A HUGE thank you to Jordi for allowing me to adapt and upload his original file
JKRowling for creating the Harry Potter series
The Harry Potter Lexicon (the website, if the book does come out I wouldn't thank it because I would never endorse it)
Wikipedia's list of Harry Potter Characters