**UPDATED!**Lil' Sim Chef Kitchen Playset

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Uploaded 19th Jul 2005 at 3:52 AM · Updated 13th Nov 2008 at 1:05 AM by Canoodle

THE STORY: One of my legacy Sims, Cameron Jitmakusol (not the child shown in pics), is from a family of chefs and so I decided I'd just keep up with the tradition and have him become a chef as well. I've pretty much got him working on the toy oven every day after school and homework but I would always get annoyed with the way he would go ALL the way downstairs to eat the muffin. So then I decided I'd just make a little kiddie table and chair and put it in his room so he could eat there. Then I remembered an old kitchen playsets that I used to have when I was a kid. This one is a bit based on mine. It had a counter at the back so you could sit down and "eat" your pretend food after cooking it. So this way Cameron and all other Sim kids, such as Molly Testersim (shown in pic) don't have to trek all the way downstairs to eat their burnt muffins.

THE DETAILS: It's two parts. Well 3 if you count the stool. The oven is pretty much just the Maxis oven but I made it a smidge wider and longer to fit and also changed some of the motives (it's maxed out for fun and has a room rating). The table is the rest of the playset. You'll find the oven in the usual place and the table in Kids/General or Bedroom/Surfaces. The stool should be in Kids/Seating.

Table/playset: 3478 polygons
Oven: same as Maxis
stool: 583 polygons

Note: I fixed the gap between the playset and the oven after I took the pictures so there is no longer a gap but it's not shown in the pics.

They're all recolorable and please do so if you'd like.

2005.7.20: Included a recolored set in white. I will probably be adding more pieces to this based on some suggestions so this might be moved to the Mesh Sets forum later on. Check back in a couple of days.

2005.7.22: Added a counter and fridge counter as per suggestions. The counter is based off of an end table so you can place things on it. I don't recall the poly count specifically, it was around 500 though. The fridge counter is 240. As you can see in the two updated pics, depending on how you arrange the set, you may or may not need the fridge counter. It's designed to be placed next to the oven. If you put it next to the playset or the counter, it will either not fit or overlap, which is why I made it separate from the fridge. The fridge isn't a new mesh, just recolored. I added the pink and blue recolor in the recolor package which also has the white recolors of the counters. The fridge counter is based off of a University counter so you need the EP though if you don't have the ep, you wouldn't need the counter at all because it's used for the fridge.

My policy on my uploaded work is that free means free. You are free to do with them whatever you like. If you want to include them in uploaded lots, go ahead. Recolors? Please do so. Include the meshes. I only ask that you let the meshes at least be free for download.

Style: Childrens
Room: Bedroom
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable