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Tester Required- Mod the Sims 2 Major

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Uploaded: 27th Oct 2005 at 10:31 PM
Updated: 6th Jun 2006 at 2:32 PM - New link
A Mod the Sims 2 Major- a perfect major if you plan on going into the MTS2 career.
Required skills- Mechanical, Creativity, Logic and Charisma.

The class titles are as follows-

Description- A major to take you through every aspect of Mod the Sims, be it meshing, major creation or moderation.

Site Layout: Learn or forever wander aimlessly around Mod the Sims.
SimPE 101: The most important tool in any modders arsenal.

Recoloring and the CEP: Ohhh, pwetty colors!
Simming the Unsimmable: How to create a sim worthy of remembrance.

Career Crashes and Major Malfunctions: How to properly create careers and majors.
Meshing Made Easy: MilkShape, Wings 3D, UV Mapper, Paint Shop Pro- you name it, you learn it.

BHAV Basics and Animation for Amateurs: Tough stuff for the uninitiated.
Moderating for Muppets: How to keep control in the messiest of situations.


Unique GUID, so it won't override any other major (0x000B9A47)
Own icon

To install custom majors, download FrikaC's 'Majors Made Easier' hack found on this page, and make sure you read the instructions about how to use it