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Testers Required- Mod the Sims 2 Career

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Uploaded: 27th Oct 2005 at 9:42 PM
Updated: 6th Jun 2006 at 2:32 PM
The pinnacle of all cheesiness- a Mod the Sims 2 career. People are already enjoying it! Said one satisfied employee (pictured below) "Mod the Sims has revolutionized my life- every day is a new and exiting day- plus I get a load of free panties!"

Need I say more?

The levels go as follows-

Tutorial Junkie
Recolor Rookie

Recolor Rookie
Hard working House Designer
Souped-up Simmer
Career Crank and Major Master
Mesh Maestro
BHAV Boffin
Animation Einstein
Marvellous Moderator
Admired Administrator

I'm leaving the last one out on purpose- you need to get there yourself! Or alternately you could find it out in SimPE... A little hint- it's not the obvious answer you'd expect!


EP 2 ready (using P00jkins tutorial and files)
All chance cards completed
Own carpools and uniforms (some very interesting carpools and clothing used - all maxis made mind)
The Teleprompter is the career reward at level 8
Teen career
Own icon (The teen one looks a little pants, but its the best I could do with my limited artistic talents)
Unique guids, so it won't overwrite any careers

Please read- The levels in this career are organised in order of difficulty- as I see them! So please, no complaining meshes are harder to create than hacks, etc etc.
Secondly, I have used about 30 names of people from this site in the chance cards and descriptions- if you're not in there, it's not because I don't respect you (I love you all!), it's because I haven't heard of you enough, and so I can't put you in. Yes?

Any feedback about glitches, grammar, etc, would be appreciated.

**Minor Correction- The new file I have uploaded is the career with a few typos that have been corrected- thanks jaxa and anonymous for pointing them out! **