Elven Dining Set

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Uploaded 11th Nov 2005 at 3:15 PM · Updated 23rd May 2006 at 5:29 PM by Lethe_s


here's a little set for those pretty elves out there.
The entire set is greatly inspired by the Lord of the Rings movie, but also by some Art Nouveau pics I had lying around.
It started as an extention to Elrond's Throne, that I made for Midsimmer Night's Dream, but there's also some shapes from the Lothlorien Windows (same project). So all of that should match neatly

Warning: The set is pretty heavy on the polygons. I tried to counter that by using the repository technique and some smaller texture images, but that makes things complicated. You will need both the Dining Table and Elrond's Throne installed for the set to work properly.

All made with Blender, PSP8, UVMapper and SimPE 0.48
Should work in all versions of the game.
I'm really lazy today, so only English catalog entries.
The rar.file contains the following three meshes and one recolor that, again, matches the throne.
Feel free hack, fiddle, make more recolours and upload them. Just give a link to the mesh here.
If you must upload the meshes in a house, please give some credit and avoid the Exchange.

On the the objects.

Elven Dining Table
- price: 342
- poly's: 1890
- This is the repository for the wood part of the set.

Elven Dining Chair
- price: 256
- poly's: 1188
- Borrows wood texture from the Dining table and fabric texture from Elrond's throne.

Elven Lamp
- price: 132
- poly's: 851
- Borrows textures from the Dining table.

Detailed pic:

let me know what you think, and if you have any trouble.
I'll be making some more matching sets, so if you're into this sort of stuff, check back later
Oh, and before you ask: everything in the screenies can be found in Midsimmer Night's Dream. I've given the link three times already. So if you don't have that stuff yet, go get it!

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