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Uploaded 21st Dec 2005 at 8:01 AM · Updated 16th Apr 2006 at 1:55 PM by angel f

This sim is acutally a collaboration with me and my niece Jasmine. (she's 7 1/2). I was impressed by what she thought was pretty,although I was able to have plenty of influence.
Vangie is short for Evangeline and she lives with her sister Jade on a odd house on a hilltop. According to my niece, she doesn't have to work.

There's a gang of custom on this:

For her dress I was graciously allowed to recolor SDsims fantastic dress on his equally fantasic sim. thanks for letting me recolor ( even badly):, You are going to want to get that!
you need the mesh Go to 2forU ( their clothes are on so many of my sims)

Her eyes are from Exnem, who is so very cool about letting us post:

She is packaged with maxis hair.
Vangie's Hair in my game is from:
I didn't include it because their policy seemed to be against it ( but I may be wrong :p)
Vangie's luminous skin is an old favorie oepu:

If you are like me you have these already, cause I get everything Helaene makes!
Eyebrows: helaene's red/brown 2805
lipstick: Helaene's 901 sophisticated lady
Eyeliner: Celebrity LashesHelaene's

Blush: by me (you thought I couldn't make anything :p) in oops

I hope you enjoy her, she was fun to make!
I changed the picture so you could see her a bit better