Lilian Garcia

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Uploaded 31st Mar 2006 at 11:24 PM · Updated 5th Jan 2009 at 12:59 PM by Hardy boyz

I got a sugestion for some time ago, that I should make a Lilian Garcia Sim.
I said I could give it a try -- so I did.

Because I can't do facial masks I had to do my best to make my sim to look like the real person as much as possible -- and trust me, I s*ck at it.
This is my first celebrity sim where you can see a hint of who it is. And I'm kind of happy the way she turned out.

Quick facts:
Name: Lillian Garcia
Born: 19 August 1966
Birthplace: Florence, South Carolina, USA
Other fun facts: Top ten finalist in the Miss South Carolina beauty pageant. Sang WWE Diva, Torrie Wilson's theme music. Fluent in English and Spanish.

Righty then:

Skin: By Enayla. If you just want the skin, you can find it here. It's called Summertime.

Top: by flyingpigeon. I guess that this needs mesh to work, you can find it here. And it's a recolour by me.

Hair: by temptress. And I guess that also this one needs mesh from this page. It's a recolour by me; I just made it a little more golden.

Eyes, blush, eyeliner, lipstick & eyebrows: By helaene
(Eyebrows a recolour by me).

Eyeshadow: By simchoice - recolour by me. Unfortionaly this site is closed.

NOT included:

Pants: by Starsims. If you want them, you can find them under "Downloads/Boutique/women couture/Adult/casual/page 2/bottomaf2"

Earrings: By rosesims2. They are under "Sims2/accessories/page 5"

Nails: By Modish-Kitten. But unfortunately, the nails are not there anymore

My Lilian comes with maxis orginal jeans and no earrings and nails.

Hope you like her, please hit the thank you button, rate her and maybe write something quick about her.

And please don't use my work without asking!