Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

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I have some good and some bad news for you Harry Potter fans out there.

Let us start with the good news, shall we?
I've made the Goblet of Fire paintings!
And the fifht move, "Order of Fenix" are being recorded!

Now the bad news.
I can't do more movie related Harry Potter paintings; like I've done 'till now.
And the last (bad) news is that we have to wait untill 12.07.2007 to see the new Harry Potter movie :weep::swear:

Did you now that Voldemort are taken from frensh and means: Flight from death.

Well anyway. Here are the fourth move/book.
I had a lot of trouble to find pictures that said "klick", but these did, and I hope that they'll do that to you too.

At the yuleball, Cedric dead, First task, Second task, Third task and Lord Voldemort: Can you find under Suspense

The Rest: You'll find under Grilled Cheese

Hope you like them, and don't forget to hit the thank you button.
Now you can find My Lord, Voldemort paintings aswell