The Hot-Spot

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Uploaded 13th Jul 2006 at 10:55 PM · Updated 14th Jul 2006 at 2:02 AM by General Oohoh

The Hot-Spot is my very first community lot upload on a 4x4 lot. This nightclub is the ultimate get down and party zone. It is not only a nightclub, but also a restaurant, bar, and clothing store. The dance floor is set inground to create a split level, the store is right above it. A special feature of The Hot-Spot is it's FLAMING TOILETS OF DOOM! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! Anyone like hot buns? If you decide to make this into an owned lot, make sure to get rid of those as they will catch the place on fire. If it's just regular club don't worry about it. I hope you like this "hot" spot!

The only peice of custom content is by atavera, and those are the letters.

Happy Simming! :D

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