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Dress For Class (UPDATED Sep 3)

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Uploaded: 1st Sep 2006 at 1:13 AM
Updated: 4th Sep 2006 at 9:28 PM - Added dormie dress for class
UPDATED Sep 3 to add mods for dormies to dress for class.

Maybe I went to a strange university, but I can't say I remember students ever showing up to class in their underwear or PJs.

These mods forces students to change to their everyday outfits before going to class or finals. Note that it forces the change even if the student is wearing formal or gym clothes, which would be appropriate clothing for class, because I'm too lazy to check for that

There are three files here. You will need (at most) two of them.

"DressForClass" affects ONLY playable sims and can be used with any assortment of expansion packs

"DormiesDressForClass" affects ONLY dormies. Use this version if you DON'T have Open For Business
"DormiesDressForClass-OFB" affects ONLY dormies. Use this version if you DO have Open For Business

INSTALLATION: Unzip each downloaded file and put the package file in your Downloads directory or any subdirectory under Downloads

COMPATIBILITY: You need University, of course. See above for which file to download depending on which other EPs you have.

KNOWN BUGS: Not a bug exactly, but for some reason dormies don't fade out as they leave the lot. They just blink out of existence, then blink back in when they come back. It seems to be only a cosmetic problem and I have no idea what causes that or how to fix it.

DressForClass - no conflicts
DormiesDressForClass (both versions) - conflicts with my own "TruantDormies" and twojeff's "Students Move Away From The Portal" and can't be used with either of them.