Long Nail Recolors with ROUNDED Tips (by Request) - 12 Solid Colors

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Uploaded 17th Sep 2006 at 2:17 AM · Updated 17th Sep 2006 at 1:38 PM by shadylady482

Several people requested a rounded-tip version of the long nails that I posted recently, so here you go!

I've altered the file descriptions and the text that appears when you hold your mouse over the icons in the game, so you can tell which are round tips and which are square if you have both.

Be sure to download the mesh here if you haven't already.

Feel free to request other colors also, here or via PM.

Category in Game:
-available for child through elder for both males and females
-Facial Hair, Makeup, & Glasses > Glasses (the thumbnail will show the default Sim head, but if you hold your cursor over the icon it will say 'ShadyLady482's Long Nails:' plus the color name and the shape- for example, 'ShadyLady482's Long Nails: Red (rounded)')

-You can adjust the shape and length of the nails by editing the alpha .bmp file. See the second-to-last thumbnail for examples - the middle nail shows the maximum length of the mesh (in case you have a need for ridiculously long nails ), and the other two show differently shaped tips.
-Can be worn at the same time as other accessories
-Stays on the Sim at all times, including showering and swimming
-Slightly reflective

Terms of Use:
-Please do *not* upload my files (this includes meshes and textures) to any other website, personal or otherwise.
-Please do not reuse any of my original (ie. non-Maxis) textures as part of other projects (recolors of my nail polish textures are okay - see below)
-I don't mind if people want to make recolors of this one, as long as they are not Rent-related, and you do not redistribute the actual mesh. Please credit and link back to this post or Sims 4 Rent so people can download the original mesh themselves. If you do recolor, it would be great if you could let me know because I'd love to see what other people make!

Feedback is much appreciated. Enjoy!

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