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This is the last furnished house I upload for a long time. I’m not a big fan of furnishing houses and the gaggle of custom content I spend all evening crediting is no help to my patience or my agenda. So enjoy this last furnished upload (for a while)!

This is a Mediterranean house, requested last summer. I didn’t mean for it to take so long for me to get this up, but I had a lot of trouble with it and had to rebuild it two or three times. ^^; Anyway, it is a two-story ready-to-play house with lots of windows and a balcony lounge overlooking the living room on the second story. In the floorplan from which I worked, the driveway was sideways, but by the time I learned to do sideways driveways I already had this house finished and there wasn’t a chance in h**l that I was going to build it a fourth time (which pretty much would have been the result of turning the garage). The laundry room is unfurnished, but you can get some great laundry room sets by searching for “laundry” in the MTS2 search bar or going to Katy_76’s profile and logging into her webpage, where you can find functional washing machines and ironing boards.

This is a $173,229 3X4 lot.

[*] Four bathrooms[*] Three bedrooms: master on the ground floor, plus a teen girl’s room and a young boy’s on the second floor[*] Two-car garage[*] Living room entertainment center[*] Split-level stairs[*] Laundry room (unfurnished)[*] Back deck with lounge[*] Realistic backyard vegetable garden[*] Lots of beautiful flowers, plants, and trees in the front and back yards

Have fun with it! Here’s a list of custom content, all included:

Back door by Temptress.

Bathroom mats by Suza at Simply Styling; mesh by Echo.

Eclectic Expressions set and flowers by Macarossi.

One wall by HappyMoonBelly, other walls, floors, garden, bookcase, flowers, and violet bathroom by Kate, both at Parsimonious.

Windows and closet doors from IndigoRage.

Corner bath by Mickyss.

Burgler alarm by Norval33.

3-slot end table recolor by Mollipie; mesh by Jasana_BugBreeder.

Antique telephone by HystericalParoxysm.

One More Slot end table package by Ariffrazalin.

Clothes hanger by Targa.

Round window by Windkeeper.

Ceiling lamp by Birgit43 at Meshkiste.

Brown door recolor by Zookini.

Corpse Bride bed spread by MJfan84.

NOTE: Kate at Parsimonious has updated her Epynonymous plants, fixing some bugs and adding some features. Get the latest version here.

Happy life!

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