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**Update#2** Disney's The Beauty and the Beast: Belle, Beast, Prince, and Gaston

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Uploaded: 7th Feb 2007 at 5:46 AM
Updated: 19th Feb 2007 at 7:53 AM


***UPDATE#2*** Seems like I also created the skintone before installing the Pets Patch so I have manually edited it for non-Pets users. I couldn't test it myself because for some reason Numenor's Base Game Starter is not working for me so I would be grateful if people without Pets would tell me if the new skin file works. Remember you will need to create a different sim in CAS with the skin because I'm pretty sure it won't replace the skin of any already existing sim with the old one.

***UPDATE*** Thanks to Berg who told me that a few files from this project had not been updated by the Pets Patch. She was so gracious enough to fix them for us and they are available here in the rar file named 'fixed'. Included are the updated Ball gown and Prince outfit color packages. Hopefully these knew files will make the outfits visible for people without Pets.


Hello everyone!! Geeze it's been such a long time since my last project but seriously, I have not been lazing about. ^^ I have been working hard on this and this time I come with Real Textures. I really need to, once again, say thanks to everyone who has supported me through commenting and thanking my previous work. It truly is your support and constructive criticism that has motivated me to keep working hard and striving to improve with each new upload so thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Hugs for everyone!!! ^_^

Anyway, I bring you all my new and improved Belle, Beast (human and creature form) and, after much deliberation in my mind ^^, I also decided to make the villain Gaston. They all come with new body and hair meshes and completely hand painted textures. I also made 3 seperate looks for Belle: her casual blue dress with apron, the yellow ball gown and the red holiday gown.

I have made a big change when it comes down to the genetics. My intent was to give the skin (as seen on Belle, Prince, and Gaston a porcelian look as inspired from my real life Belle porcelain doll. I worked countless days just on the face (the body texture is just a recolor of a Maxis skin colored to match the 100% handpainted face)

Beast's face is a face mask so you can easily turn Prince into the Beast and back. I made

Beast with a different facial structure so just putting the mask on Prince won't look all that accurate but I just though that I should give you all the option anyway.

All custom content (sims, clothes, hair, skin, eyes, eyebrows, makeup, etc.) by me,

anything else by Maxis. The meshes of each character/look are included in their respective rar files.

Belle Formal: v=vertices t=triangles/faces
gown: 1992 v, 3328 t
hair: 841 v, 1540 t
earings: 172 v, 336 t

Belle Casual:
dress: 1675 v, 2650 t
hair: 780 v, 1460 t

Holiday Belle:
gown: 1908 v, 2876 t
hair: 841 v, 1540 t (same mesh as the formal hair)

outfit: 1831 v, 2652 t
hair: 1044 v, 1527 t

outfit: 1705 v, 2490 t
hair: 533 v, 1014 t

outfit: 1400 v, 2148 t
hair: 401 v, 730 t

Thank you so very much to the creators of SimPE, Milkshape, Photoshop and thanks to WDSBrianna and Tiggerypum for their tutorials. Of course thanks to Delphy and all the moderators for running MTS2. Right about now, I can't imagine my life without this place. ^^

NOTICE: I have installed the Pets patch so hopefully these creations will be compatible for those of you without Pets too. If not please don't come whining to me because it's most likely not my fault >.< I remember back when I didn't have any of the exps either the simpacks didn't want to work but Clean Installer helped, so use it.

Please, let me know if you find a problem with a mesh or anything in game though. I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Another thing, I DON'T TAKE REQUESTS!! Please respect my wishes and don't send me a PM with something that sounds like " I know you don't take requests but...." If you know don't ask.

No redistributing my work without my permission. Recolors of my meshes are welcome, please just let me know first.

Thank you for viewing and don't forget the thanks button if you decide to download. ^_^

Here is the link to Beast's Castle, by the totally awesome architect GodlyAce, so your new Beauty and Beast can live in. ^_^


Coming up next: to be announced.....

P.S. Now that I have 10 uploads I'll be able to have a journal here so I will put the line up of my future creations there.