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More Tasty Tins o' Beverage - 15 Flavours!

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 25th Jul 2007 at 5:06 PM
Updated: 14th Mar 2014 at 4:19 AM - adding "related pages"
More drinks, yay! Most of these were actually made by fireflies. I made 6, fireflies made 9.... and they're all posted here in one convenient 15-pack. So be sure to visit fireflies' profile, click the thanks button on one of their threads, and get some other tasty foods while you're there. Thanks, fireflies!

Like my previous set, these drinks are found in the fridge under "Have a Drink" and "Serve Drinks". You can install them all or pick and choose. Kids can pick up the beer cans but won't drink from them. Serving platters can be placed in OFB display cases and sold, and stored in the fridge as leftovers with Seasons.

These drinks will not work with only the base-game installed. If you have no EPs, download fireflies' base-game compatible versions here and here instead of these. Thank you so much, fireflies!

Quick Links: fireflies' base-game compatible versions here and here | 9 more flavours | default-replacements

FreeTime EP Fix: If you have the FreeTime Expansion Pack, please install this mod by fway. It fixes some issues with custom drinks and cooking contests. More information available in fway's post.

Additional Credits:
Huge thanks to Echo, JWoods, and wes_h for their helpful tutorials and generous spirits. Thanks to the creators of SimPE, Delphy and everyone who helps keep this site running, and of course to fireflies!