Better Comfort and Energy ratings for Maxis beds

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Uploaded 13th Aug 2007 at 7:05 PM · Updated 13th Aug 2007 at 8:10 PM by gwillewyn

Personally I refuse to let my sims sleep in an inferior bed just because it looks cool, so I have started growing very bored with the few high comfort and energy beds available in the game. When I download custom beds, I always adjust the motives to match the "Maturely Medieval Single Bed" for single beds, and "Colonial Ironwood Bed" for double beds. I've always meant to fix the maxis beds as well, but I always forget. Somehow I got around to it now.

So these are the beds I have fixed:

Base Game:
The Slim System, by Jim Slimboy

Flowin' Protozoan Single Bed
Flowin' Protozoan Double Bed

Family Fun Stuff:
Deep Blue Sleep System
"My Impregnable Fortress" Bed by Mystical Furnishing

SpaceKid Sims Sonic Sleeper

The Single Bed a la Mode
The Four Post Bed
Vrooom! Sleep System (This does not affect the identical bed extracted by Numenor, just the version that came with Seasons)

I see that Ailias has done something similar with some beds, but my take on it is slightly different. For one, I've also adjusted the price of the bed accordingly. I think that's fair. Secondly, these are smaller packages; they contain just the fixes, not the whole item extracted. This should mean, but I can't guarantee it, that all the beds remain updated for pets, while staying compatible with constellations without the Pets EP. I'd like feedback on this.

All recolours will work as before.

The custom content star will show on the beds when this mod is installed. I find that slightly annoying, since I've only made small modifications, but I haven't found a way to work around it.

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