Real Body Overlays - Tattoos Updated 12/10/2008

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Uploaded: 13th Jul 2007 at 11:22 PM
Updated: 30th Apr 2009 at 12:37 AM
**Updated Dec 10th, 2008**

I believe I have fixed the issue with the tattoos disappearing when the sims leave the lot & come back. I have tested this in my game & it works, but, feedback from others would be appreciated. You will need to delete my existing pachages & replace them with these new ones.

You must delete all 3 of the previous packages, then unzip the new ones into your Downloads folder or sub-folder.


This object generates real body tattoo overlays! No more separate skins for your tattoos Works on all skins except Plantsims & Werewolves.

Useable by teens & older. The object can be found in the Miscellaneous\Miscellaneous category. Click on the crate & choose "Add Morague's Tattoo" to place the tattoo on the sim. If placed as a teen the sim will age transition with it - you know - just like a real tattoo. Changing clothes does not affect the tattoo - it is always there - even in the shower.

There is a small amount of lag involved when you first choose to add the tattoo because the game needs to locate all of the files, then apply the tattoo. This works on both males & females although I only took female pictures.

You can find the tutorial here

Many people have been asking about anatomy parts. They are located at the Adult site SexySiims2. Please - you must be adult & not easily offended!

Additional Credits:
Quaxi - for SimPE Echo, Inge, Dizzy & Squinge - for encouragement & confidence
Jase - for help with figuring out the skins package
Wes_H - for his incredible talents in creating utilities for this community
Numenor & Theo - for help with the group naming issues.