11 Organically Atomic Rug recolours: Disney Babies in pastel colours

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Uploaded 31st Aug 2007 at 1:24 AM

Today I bring the simmers recolours of the Organically Atomic rug that comes with the Pets expansion. And not any kind of recolours, but Disney babies recolours in pastels.

I grew up on watching Disney movies, as did (do :D) a lot of simmers, so I absolutely adore Disney. And since I was a bit frustrated with there being no suitable disney baby rugs...(probably were, but I have a short attention span for searching) I made them. And what else screams cute little kids? Ofcourse the one and only: DISNEY BABIES!

A baby room, a toddler room or a kids room (recommended). Ofcourse the teenagers, adults and elderly people love them as well. So go crazy, put them in every room, turn it into a carpet of rugs.

What's in the package/on the photo's?
The package contains 11 disney baby (DB) recolours of the rug. They are labeled like this: DBpastel_/nameofrecolour/_OrganicallyAtomicRug_byeruwenfuin
I.e.: You hate bambi, absolutely despise the goodytwoshoes brat, then delete; DBpastel_bambi_OrganicallyAtomicRug_byeruwenfuin

The first foto is a collection picture on which all the recolours and the original rug are represented. The list below says which recolour on the pic corresponds with which recolour name.
1. babymickey
2. bambi
3. dressingup
4. multipledumbo's
5. alltogether
6. Bigdumbo
7. dumbo
8. sleepy
9. orginal rug (i.e. this is how the non-recoloured Organically Atomic rug looks)
10. crawling
11. letters
12. stars

the last photo shows how a baby room might look like with a DB rug thrown in. (all done with maxis items)

Additional Credits:
the wallpapers used for the recolours for these rugs come from this free site :http://www.disneyfriends.net/module...nails&album=524

Disney Disclaimer: all images of the disney babies are created by and belong to The Walt Disney Company. Therefor they shall not be put on paysites, because Disney does not like people illegally selling their stuff. And I don't want to be sued for it. So all rights are reserved for The Walt Disney Company.

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