Startin' New - House 3 - §15,740

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Uploaded 11th Dec 2007 at 12:22 AM · Updated 12th Dec 2007 at 5:01 AM by CrowsMan

Hey all - again.

This is the third house in the Starting New series. This one unlike the other two is only on one floor.

Ok time for details -

On a 1x2 lot. (Lot size by Andi1804)
If you do read the first comment, it will say that a 1x1 lot will turn your game strange. It WON'T Although this not even a 1x1 lot, I do have other lots that are on a 1x1 space, just to warn you for future.

1 floor as stated before

A bit around the sides of the house.


Bathroom - Sink, shower and loo.
Kitchen - Dishwasher, sink, trashbin, oven, shelves & fridge.
Bedroom/Lounge/Study - Bookcase, tele, double bed, couch, computer & desk.
Outside - Several trees and car.

You will have to place fire alarm, phone, security alarm etc.

Remember, Do not upload this, or any other of my lots to any otehr site, even the Exchange![/B]

Have fun playing!

Crows -

[b]Lot Size:
Lot Price: §15,470

Custom Content by Me:
- Weedy Brown Grass
- Brown Grass
- Pebbles
- Average Grass
- Moss

Custom Content Included:
- Dell Latitude D610 Notebook by kenjikitsune
- Jasne kamyki by ktosiu

Additional Credits:
Thanks to -
MTS2 (All moderators + Delphy)
All makers of customcontnet that I have used

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