Skinchange Vial - NeyaQueenofBacon

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Uploaded: 13th Dec 2007 at 7:46 PM
Updated: 22nd Mar 2008 at 2:07 AM
Part 1
This is a Skinchanger vial for NeyaQueenofBacon's Eastern Collard Lizard Skin

These skinchangers are located in Buy Mode > Hobbies > Miscellaneous
They cost 150 each
Select drink to change into the new skintone
Select Drink Antidote to change back to normal
Your sim will retain his/her new skin as they age
This will not effect your baby genetics if you want them to have this skin you will have to get them to use the SCV

If this doesn't explain what you want to kno PM me

The Skin is Located here

For Neyas Page click here

Part 2
I have now added Neya's Wolf Skins

Formula 16 - Brown Wolf
Formula 17 - White Wolf

The skins are located here

Additional Credits: SimPE