Vamprotoxin-A 'Essence of Vampire'

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Uploaded: 28th Jan 2006 at 3:06 AM
Updated: 26th Oct 2008 at 4:03 AM - Update
As the title suggests, this is a mildly hacked version of Vamprocillin-D which will have the reverse effect on any sims that use it - namely turn them into a vampire.

Not sure if any of you want something like this (or even need it) but after much pestering from my daughter, as she seems to have no luck locating/finding any of the Count/Countesses, I quickly hacked this up so she can have a vampire sim

This object retains all the same animations as the 'anti-vamp' potion, although as you can see from the screenshots I did replace the texture with a more colorful/murky one to make it easier to tell them apart. I have also made this object cost 100 (as opposed to Vamprocillin's 60).

So far in my testing it all seems to function fine. You can store it in a sims inventory however it can not be used from there, so you must drop it somewhere (table/floor etc) in order to get them to use it.

This object is for NIGHTLIFE ONLY - I doubt it will even work with UNI or base game however I have no means to test this.

Zip Contents:

Copy into Downloads as per normal.

This object has a unique GUID so should not clash with any other object.

Vamprotoxin-A can be located in buy catalogue Misc->Misc