Three Peaks

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Uploaded: 25th Mar 2008 at 2:57 AM
Updated: 11th Feb 2009 at 6:31 PM
Three Peaks ***** Winter Ski Resort

Category: Lodging
lot size: 5x5
Neighborhood: Three Lakes
furnished: totally
yes, all rooms are tested (as usual i've tested a clone)
§: from 800 to 1100/ day

Three Peaks is a winter ski resorts inspired by an italian location, near Tre cime di Lavaredo.
What I wished coming with WA ep were Mountains, real mountains visible from the lot: not only green large hills but Neighborhood Objects (like rocks Neighborhood Objects) with snowy peaks ... imagine the mountain scenery from the hotel !!
so, these are my mountains.

Snow is sprayed all year, to allow skiers and skaters to have fun.
For who love walking, there's a pathway to reach the cliff where snowboarders go down :p
Ice rink is invisible - thanks to corvidophile2 @ - to give impression of skating on a lake.
Near ski run and ice rink there's a little coffee-relax-bar.
But to relax really, get in the hotel:
In ground floor you'll find a typical restaurant and a pool-hydro-massage area, perfect for tired skiers

Hotel is five-star class. Four suites with fireplace and all comforts.
The building is 100% playable, with frontal vision
(look at the vision with wall down in this pic )


most important recolour, to sense the feeling of Alps are MissPiggi Recolours of olemantiker's windows.
Download them here

Another beautiful and useful recolour of MissPiggi, that is maxis art noveau window recolour i used for restaurant.
Download it here

Recolour of maxis rug for suites, by avenidasims
Download it here - rug 071

Recolour of maxis rug for coffee bar, by avenidasims
Download it here - rug 002

Hydromassage: Maxis Inground Spa Recolours by Cathy @ :
download here

Pool stairs recolour of MissPiggi
Download it []here[/URL]

Lot Size: 5x5
Lot Price: 209,400

Custom Content Included:
- Hand-crafted by naughty gnomes (muse steel square floor) by moonlight_muse @ mts2
- WfS2 Build01 Flowerbox gerade by made by Nofrena ;-) at Wood for Sims
- ATS Sport - Skis by By Sandy @ Around the Sims 2
- Recolour of skis by By Sandy @ Around the Sims 2
- Lamellenfenster "mediterran" diag by von olemantiker @
- Lamellenfenster "mediterran" by von olemantiker @
- "Gaelle" Sink by Made by Shoukeir @ Sims 2 Play
- Recolour of sink by Made by Shoukeir @ Sims 2 Play
- "Gaelle" Toilet by Made by Shoukeir @ Sims 2 Play
- Recolour of toilet by Made by Shoukeir @ Sims 2 Play
- bristol floor by Komosims at
- bristol wall by Komosims at
- Royal Flushwall by Komosims at
- Log fence 2a by Jeka @ mts2
- corvidophile2-Wood column 1 by By corvidophile2 at
- ATS Ashley - Bedroom - Desk by By Sandy @ Around the Sims 2
- Viereckiger small table by taroo @
- Recolour of small table by taroo @
- Bett by Marilu @
- Luxuriare Dining Chair by MsBarrows @ mts2
- Bradford floor by By Maltha002 / Isle of Maltha
- Pavimento_ClassicBedroom by MiryS @
- Recolour of desk by By Sandy @ Around the Sims 2
- wooden floor by Dekoi @ mts2
- GC_0022 (terrain paint) by Komosims at
- GC_0016 (terrain paint) by Komosims at
- GC_0018 (terrain paint) by Komosims at
- White Recolour of televisor by by Ben at
- "Founding Fathers" Electric Lamp by Taroo @
- Televisor "MultiVid IV" 27" TroTreCo by by Ben at
- Boards so polished you could slip on them by Holy Simoly at
- nanisimcurtainvolup2shortest by nanisim @ mts2
- White Recolour of nanisim curtain by nanisim @ mts2
- Brown Recolour of wardrobe by Funny2401 at pimp-my-sims
- Chrissies Wardrobe by Funny at pimp-my-sims
- Invisible Small Ice Cap Skating Rink by by corvidophile2 at

Additional Credits:
Many thanks to Ekaterina @ sims2play (
for the permission to upload sims2play-meshes in my lots

Many thanks to Eden @ (
for the permission to upload edenstyle floors, walls and objects in my lots