Downtown Ice Rink

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Uploaded: 20th Dec 2021 at 11:09 PM
On Christmas Eve 2007, I uploaded a winter-ready ice skating rink. I haven't made a holiday lot since, but that changes now! Inspired by pineappleforest's Reflective Overlay for Skating Rink, I built a new and improved ice rink for my downtown neighborhood.

Nothing too complicated about this one. There is a large ice rink for your sims to go on a romantic date or get out of the house for a fun winter activity. The park includes a couple chess sets, some benches, and a human sculpture (braving the elements). And unlike my first ice rink, this one has bathrooms! The small structure, built to match my Boroughsburg Rec Center, also includes a (non-functional) ticketing office. A barista stand is behind the building so your sims can warm up with a coffee after skating.

This upload file has never had sims on it, but a copy of the lot has been playtested and is fully functional. As usual, I recommend piqiwi's More Townie Sims Visit Community Lot mod if your game can handle it. I also recommend Community Lot Skilling from MATY so you can earn Body skill by skating.

There is NO CC included in the file, though two items are shown:
-Reflective Overlay for Skating Rink by pineappleforest
-Maxis Plant Fixes by Voeille, which will make plants appear dormant and less green during Winter.