Mun-Keh Temple

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Uploaded 1st Apr 2008 at 11:23 PM · Updated 2nd Apr 2008 at 1:19 PM by Jasonator

Sick and Tired because you cant afford your own solider silver Monkey? Then dont be! because the Apeville commity has given the local church a Ape-Grant! and they bought their own Solid Silver Monkey!.

So come down to the churn, we have a monkey, and you dont.
Oh, we also have a Shrine to the ApeGod of bananas, Glorbuck

Title: Mun-Keh Temple
Category: Community

lot size: 3x3
price: $66,879
furnished: Yes, See Credits Below
played/tested: Yes. for 10 minutes. No bugs.

This Lot Contains the following Custom Content

Worshipable Argent Ape By HystericalParoxym

Silver Monkey Columm By -Maylin-

Polygon Counts:
Worshipable Argent Ape: 3370 polygons, 2529 vertices.
Silver Monkey Columm: 2078 Faces

Additional Credits:
Thanks Mikeinside for the Buildiong tutorials

Thanks MTS2 Staff for providing such a great Sims 2 modding community

Tags: #Monkey, #Mun-Keh Temple, #Church, #Jasonator