Fast Jake's Hideout - Basegame Starter

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Uploaded: 10th May 2008 at 1:29 PM
Updated: 30th Aug 2008 at 10:22 PM

The previous tenant, known in the area as 'Fast Jake', left rather suddenly, a year or so ago. Since then, his charming little 'vacation' home has stood empty.

Landscaping would increase the investment value of the property. (So would demolition, but hey!) There may not be a lot of space inside, but the roof lookout makes a great entertaining area, and the shaded side verandah is cool for siesta time.

Basic amenities are provided, and the rent is low. There is a double bedroom, bathroom, dinette kitchen and a carpeted living room. The agent guarantees there are no counterfeit bills under the bed, and probably no corpses under the floor.

Don't worry, Fast Jake hasn't been seen around here since the bust...

Notes for Players:
- The house has been playtested briefly. New furniture is as shown. Phone, bookshelf and fire alarm are included for your lucky starting sims.
- The verandah roof was made with the CFE cheat, and cannot be altered or removed without effort.
- I used one custom terrain paint on the lot, but another one (slate pavers) has attached itself. I can't delete it without losing the rocks I painted so carefully, so you get both. Hopefully this will ensure the rocks come through correctly - there's a basegame bug that sometimes deletes terrains. Annoying, but true.

Have fun hiding out!

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price: $12, 909

Custom Content Included:
- Corrugated Floor for Roof by Dee of N99
- Urban Cement wall by Dee of N99
- Chipped Window Recolour by Dee of N99
- Pustynne Kamloty by Margierytka
- Grungy Carpet by 4ESF
- Wooden Stairs Open Underneath by crocobaura
- Justadoor Recolour 1 by Pixelhate
- NDN Chickee Frame Crosspiece by DragonArts (Seminole Theme Set)
- Cypress Chickee Corner Column by DragonArts (Seminole Theme Set)
- Slate Pavers by vssdgames (got from one of Nengi65's lots)
- Tudor Plaster wall by Nengi65

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Numenor for the Basegame Starter.