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Place Anywhere Deep Surfaces. Snow, Water, Mud, Slime!

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Uploaded: 1st Jan 2009 at 7:23 PM
Updated: 24th May 2009 at 7:14 AM
Hi everyone!
Today I share something which I, and many of you, may find very useful...

What are they?
The place anywhere deep surfaces are a set of 2 knee deep meshes which look like realistic surfaces. Included is Snow, Mud, Slime & Water. The meshes are in 2 sizes: 9x9 & 18x18 and are cloned from rugs so Sims and objects can move through them like their not even there!

What are they for?
The place anywhere surfaces can be used by storytellers or moviemakers to create realistic environments for shooting. They are also great for screenshots etc. For example, if you have just made some winter clothing but don't want to have to wait til winter to take screenshots, just wack over the buyable snow and you have an instant winter!

What kind of scenes can I use them for?
Imagine your creating a Sim movie involving a flood: Just use the buyable water. Trudging through a swamp. Use the mud or green water.

Water is semi-transparent & reflective!

Water is semi-transparent & reflective!

The meshes are also fully recolorable so its easy to make your own scene. In fact, the UV Map is so simple that its just one big 1024x1024 texture to buildDXT right over.

Polygon Counts:
Both Meshes 12 Polygons (Very, VERY! low)

Additional Credits:
Whew... credits:
To Corsetcrush, For the original idea and the chance to look at her (now abandoned) project.
Big thanks to Echo for the original rug, which I cloned to create these.
MsBarrows, for the tutorial on the repository technique which I mastered, yet decided against using.
To www.cgtextures.com ~ for the base texture (Snow) which I used to create all the other textures.
Paint.NET and Microsoft GIF Creator for the graphics side of the project. Wings3D & UV Mapper for the 3d modelling.
Last but not least, All the creators of SimPE, especially Numenor and Quaxi who also gave us the CEP.