6 New Harry Potter Careers for your Teen!

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Hi everyone!
I was looking around MTS for Harry Potter stuff, mainly careers, and I noticed something. There is a big lack of Teen versions of them all. And I'm sure most of us use Harry Potter teens in our game except they don't have proper careers. So today I bring you 6 new Harry Potter careers for your Sims. Quidditch, Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, Ministry of Magic, Dumbledore's Army and Daily Prophet. Each career has its own unique guid and are EP compatible. They DO NOT overwrite other careers. Plus they all have unique chance cards for each level.

The Careers!

Each career has the same working days for each level, they are as followed...

Level 1- M,T,W,Th,S
Level 2- T,W,Th,F,S
Level 3- W,Th,F,Sat,Sun

Here they are!

Diagon Alley

Working in Diagon Alley has so many possibilities for you, serving butterbeer at the Leaky Cauldron or fitting kids at Madam Malkin's robe shop, you're sure to find something to suit you!

Owl Emporium Cleaner ($46)
You have been employed to clean up the um, mess in the Owl Emporium. Your boss is nice and so are the customers, the only problem is, well, the smell. Hold your breath and you'll be in a new shop by closing time!

Shopkeeper ($89)
You're working all through Diagon Alley now completing all the different tasks the managers ask you to do. From grooming pets in Magical Menagerie to sorting books in Flourish & Blotts. You might even get a free ice-cream from Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour!

Junior Landlord/Landlady of the Leaky Cauldron ($149)
You have been given the job of being the junior Landlord for the Leaky Cauldron. Your duties include serving Butterbeer, Welcoming guests and to help lost witches and wizards to Diagon Alley.


You're one of Hogwart's most prized students and have been given a leadership position in the school. Be good and you might make it to the Head of School!

Head of Study Group ($24)
Along with Madam Pince, you are the head of the study groups in Hogwarts. Held in the Library, you get the chance to help your fellow students with their ever so hard work.

Prefect ($68)
You have been made a prefect, you actually have some power over the students. Just make sure you behave otherwise the Headmaster will be all over you before you can say 'Potions'.

Head boy/Head girl ($101)
You have reached the position of Head boy. Directing the students and helping the teachers whenever possible. Any bad behaviour will have you out though!


The most famous Wizarding sport Quidditch is apparently right up your alley. But you must prove yourself first. Quaffles, Bludgers and a little thing called a Golden Snitch are just some of the things you need to remember if you want to make it to the big league!

House Quidditch Player ($45)
You have finally made it into the House Quidditch team, but this is only the beginning. The fearsome battles between the other houses make it even tougher! Remember, if you disappear, you WILL (Hopefully) turn up in a month of two...

Star Player ($73)
The whole school knows your name. The pressure is high as everyone expects you to do well. Just don't crack, or it could cost your team the House cup!

Quidditch Captain ($161)
Your skills in Quidditch have increased by so much that you have been appointed Quidditch captain. You make the decisions about the team, who to join the team, but remember you still have to play as well!

Dumbledore's Army

Shhh! There is NOT a secret group plotting against dark wizards called Dumbledore's Army, situated in the Room of Requirement in case you wanted to join such an organisation...

Dumbledore's Army Member ($54)
You have just joined a secret group plotting against dark wizards called Dumbledore's Army. Learning all the spells to defeat such wizards.

Dumbledore's Army Teacher ($92)
You have been appointed to take a small group within Dumbledore's Army to teach them a spell that you know all so well. Good luck!

Head of Dumbledore's Army ($212)
You are now head of the student's society, Dumbledore's Army, preparing yourselves for when you’re faced with Dark wizards. You already know all the spells, now you need to teach them to everyone else!

Daily Prophet

You now work for the Daily Prophet or more correctly, Rita Skeeter. If you work hard you might just make your mark! (Which will soon be written over again by Rita Skeeter.

Reporter's Assistant ($57)
You've finally joined the Daily Prophet though you've been put with a good for nothing reporter. You don't actually do the reporting you just get the chocolate frogs and the butterbeer on demand whenever they want. Just stick in there, it won't be like this for long.

Skeeter's Photographer ($93)
You've risen up in the world, now working for Rita Skeeter, the star reporter, as her photographer. She doesn't really talk to you and all you do is take pictures, but with these 'powerful' connections with Rita Skeeter, you'll be on your way to reporting in no time!

Junior Reporter ($136)
Rita Skeeter has finally given you a chance and you have been promoted to junior reporter. Of course you're only working within Hogwarts and the last reporter quit because he was petrified during a story, but someone will finally listen to your say! Too bad it's edited by Rita Skeeter...

Ministry of Magic

The Ministry of magic is always looking for new 'recruits', and you're the one who's going to keep the Ministry 'alive' forever!

Ministry Intern ($96)
You have been offered a junior internship at the Ministry of Magic ready for bigger and better things. They teach you all that goes on within the Ministry, everything you need to know, well apart from what goes on with the 'Unspeakables'.

Junior Assistant ($156)
You have stepped through that door, the door to a better future. You have been promoted to the assistant of one of the more prestigious positions in the Ministry. Really all you do is pass on messages and fill out forms, but if you continue your 'hard' work, someone might just notice you.

Junior Auror ($292)
A new program has just opened up training the younger wizards and witches of the world to become fully fledged Aurors. The position can be dangerous but if you listen to your instructor all the time, nothing can go wrong!

I hope you enjoy them!

Known Issues! There is a problem with the icons ingame, this problem should not effect the careers.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to SimPE and Bidou and skinngiggy, Emma_barret, Superfly and Whiterider for all their great tutorials!