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Hi All,
Today I have designed and created 5 fresh, new music posters for your Sims! I liked Panther00567's Simlish Celebrity Posters, but there were some posters of types of music I don't listen to and decided to make my own posters: Music posters of the most popular music types!
The Country poster shows a cowboy named Alfrido, the "Country Star", and although I really do not like country, I really wanted to make a country poster.
The Pop poster shows a woman named Madalynn, who is a famous Simlish singer who sings pop music targeted at teenagers and young adults, maybe even a few of the older audiences! Her daughter, Nikki, sings kids' pop.
The Kids' Pop poster shows a teenage girl named Nikki who happens to be Madalynn's daughter. Nikki is very famous with kids and preteens and sings pop songs targeted at kids and preteens. I wanted to make one because I wanted to make a poster with music that young children usually listen to. (But preteens listen to EVERYTHING! lol)
On the Hip Hop poster appears the handsome, funny "MC Cash". MC Cash is a pretty famous hip hop singer and rapper and has a LOT of simoleans! He lives in a mansion and has nearly gold everything! (Okay, okay, he's practically the Simlish version of MC Hammer! Not by looks, but by lifestyle!)
Last but not least, the Latin poster. Latin music for Sims! On the music poster appears popular Latin singer, Lisa. Lisa writes her own songs, but sometimes she has her bandmates write them for her, especially when her mind goes blank. Lisa is loved by many of her fans and lives in a very, very, VERY huge family.

These posters are Maxis recolors!!! The Latin and Pop (not kids' pop) posters are recolors of "Olive Peynter's City SkyScape" painting while the others are recolors of the "Civic Idol" poster.

If I missed the description for anything, then oops! Anyways, all the music posters I have made by myself are all in SIMLISH and have all been included. This whole project took me about 3 full hours straight, mainly because I just learned something I hadn't known before: Ya have to flip the picture for the City Skyline painting!! Dang it, how come nobody told me?!? lol Anyways, I hope you and your Simmies enjoy their new music posters!
P.S.: Let me just tell you some little things: Teens and young adults listen to hip hop, adults listen to latin, children and young teens listen to Kids' Pop, teens and young adults listen to pop, and adults listen to country. Just thought you'd know if you aren't sure which age groups listen to what music!


Additional Credits: SimPE Paint.NET (Paint program I used to design the posters)
CynicalChick (for teaching me how to recolor Maxis paintings weeks and weeks ago)

Style: Modern Childrens
Room: Bedroom Study
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

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