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Simton Railway Station (OFB or AL)

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Uploaded: 23rd Mar 2009 at 5:47 AM
Updated: 24th Jul 2013 at 11:03 AM - added to personal picks
Simton, though small, is quite an old town and on the edge of town there was a disused railway station (ever since Sims discovered taxis the trains were never used anymore). Simtons Mayor, Mayor Leesester, was pressurised by his great aunt, Miss Leesester, to refurbish the station and as he is a good nephew he has done so.

Miss Leesester has an amazing archive of photos from her youth and with the help of colour technology these were used to direct the refurbishing of the station, especially the bar area with darts and poker and a piano for dancing.

The station bar has been restored to its former glory, based on pictures from the archive. Other parts of the station such as the ticket office, left luggage, station masters office and waiting room are fully restored, but as there are no staff and trains these are really just pretty museum pieces for sims who wish to enjoy bygone days.

The cafe and restaurant are fully functional and there are opportunities to add some extra items to the station to make it a little more exciting for your sims. Otherwise all they seem to do is kiss each other while waiting for trains...

I suggest

Numenors postcard rack for the kiosk here

MogHughson's Job Seeking Noticeboard for the waiting room here

And maybe a Maxis drink or chips dispenser (but it was so anachronistic that Miss Leesester forbid it)

In addition, there is a small employee break area and changing room that could EITHER be extended into a clothes shop, or could be used as a stationmasters flat if you decide to make this a home business using OFB.

I included two versions - 1 no CC and the other some CC - it is prettier with the CC, and I have included a mesh pack for the major CC EXCEPT the clock by MommaB and the wall lanterns from Numenor.

EDIT: One of the regulars in #create (and a friend) is a mac user and wanted this for her hood, but there is no AL for MAC yet, so I rebuilt using OFB instead of AL. It is BASICALLY the same thing, but with the kiosk as a book store as no pretty shelves in OFB. You can DL a mac version from the DL tab below - it contains the CC - there is no none CC version available, sorry. The Mac version uses Base Game+UNI+NL+OFB.

Lot Size: 3x5
Lot Price: 235,537

Custom Content by Me:
- KnockOnWood Medium Shelves with Decorative Magazines 200 simoleons, found with shelves
- AL_ shelf_&_ deco_ magazines_by_Leesester@MTS2_general_interest
- AL_ shelf_&_ deco_ magazines_by_Leesester@MTS2_kids
- AL_ shelf_&_ deco_ magazines_by_Leesester@MTS2_womens_interest
- Decorative Railway track Can be found under decorative sculptures at 15 simoleons

Custom Content Included:
- Large 1 tile wall clock. by momma"b"
- Outdoor Lantern Recolour Black - by Numenor by Numenor
- Outdoor Lantern - by Numenor by Numenor
- The Mauritania Staircase Window by leesester

Poly Counts:

- Decorative Railway Track 516 polys.
- KnockOnWood Medium Shelves with Decorative Magazines 640 Polys
- Mauritania Window = 1190 Polys

Additional Credits:
All the people in Create who have listened to me waffling on about this lot for the last month. SimPE for making it possible to create the CC that this lot needs and MTS2 for giving me a place to share my stuff and find other peoples creations too.
And a special thank you to Criquette, whose fantastic railway set gave me the base design for the deco track - and it just so happens that my track lines up PERFECTLY with his hood ornament in neighbourhood view......