Burglar Pack *NEW FEATURES*

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Uploaded 13th Jul 2009 at 12:20 AM · Updated 6th Sep 2009 at 9:13 PM by supaclova

A pack of various mods concerning burglars. Pack features:
  • Burglar will not rob the house if they have a relationship with someone over 10 in the household
  • Relationship with the burglar will go down by 50
  • Maximum value of stolen goods is 100,000 simoleons
  • Sims will only freak out for 10 minutes when being robbed
  • Alarm should be heard through walls, and wake up sleeping sims
By request, a no burglar mod. I would hope you wouldn't have to ask if it's compatible with the Burglar Pack. Why would you want them to be compatible?

Features in separate files. Download the ones you like, or if you like all the features, the full pack is still available.

Full pack has separate packages for all the features. Still includes the single-package version.

Issues?? Questions?? Concerns??
I'm not an expert at these things, but I'll gladly try to help with any issues!


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