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Adidas tracksuit jacket and pants

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Uploaded: 24th Jul 2009 at 5:43 AM
Adidas tracksuit, 2 parts: jacket and pants can be worn seperately. You can change all the colours.

Gender: male only.
Age: teen, young adult, adult
Type: everyday, athletic

I used as mesh the standard in-game for both parts. The maxis originals will still be available in-game.

In this zip-file are 5 files:
- 2 for the jacket and pants for teens.
- 2 for the jacket and pants for young adults and adults.
- 1 file is a 'bump-map' file. Placing this in the same folder as the files mentioned above will remove some seams from the mesh I used, so that this tracksuit looks better. The original striped jackets in-game will also be affected, but is apparantly so minimal that I really didn't see the difference on the originals. This bump-map file is optional: if you remove it from your packages directory the game will use the standard bump-file from the mesh again.