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Uploaded: 23rd Jul 2009 at 9:00 PM
Updated: 23rd Jul 2009 at 3:14 AM
There are many estates out there that claim to be grande, that claim to be royal, there are many that claim to say that they are palaces. Well the truth is, that. They are oh so wrong.

The Inspiration for this true palace a 12 Bedroom 9 Bath Estate with a full Guest Cottage which in itself contains a private patio and a garden with a pond. Unlike other "palaces" with absolutely dreadful furnishings and absolutely over used ideas, this palace pays attention to every detail.

The Front Entrance Is a grand Entrance with a small shrub garden, these gardens also help conceal this palace and retain it's privacy. The Design of the palace pays even more attention to detail. A second story takes the place as the main floor as a terrace overlaps the whole story. Arches start concealing the otherwise black terrace and also add a lot more to the view. No wooden doors and windows here, it's all metal, also with the arches, all stone. The Whole building's terraces and arches add a bit of an italian vibe to this otherwise chateau building. Another interesting part of this estate the rooftop terrace and of course the tower with it's own balconies and arches, that tower is part of the incredible master suite.

The Master Suite is a light blue room with a sitting quarter, a closet, a bed quarter, a second sitting quarter and a desk area. The room features high amounts of light and attention to detail here is incredible. Every piece of furniture was crafted to be the same colors and the same style, the second story to the master suite aka the tower features a huge open area great for building another sitting room and also an entertainment room, the true pride and pristine in the second story of the master suite, the golden bathroom suite. Attention to detail is obvious here as everything is made out of gold. Something that signifies royalty in most cases, this bathroom will leave your masters relaxed.

Every other room is crafted to individual styles, an elegant black and chocolate room, a whimsical green room, a pretty in pink room and of course an alternate suite, the contemporary suite, with leathers and draping curtains.

Speaking of Attention to detail and elegance, this tour could not be complete without a tour of the main floor, the whole entire main floor couldn't be more palatial. The Formal Living room is crafted in a simple and clean manner, with luxurious turquoise and gold furniture and walls. This Living Room can only be reserved to your most prestigious company.

The Formal Dining room is completely made out of gold with traditional elements mixed with very modern accents, this is truly a master worthy dining room. Perhaps for the big promotion, or the big concert?

The Kitchen is a dark homely kitchen, with very traditional and modest elements with slightly modern accents, featuring a small bookshelf area a large island and an incredible nook with great sunlight and access to the terraces.

The Informal Living Room is a light and refreshing den for families and informal occasions, this room is truly going to be the most used room with views from nearly all sides of the house and access to two terraces.

The Outdoors couldn't be more splendid, a large shrub garden in the middle becomes the crossroads of the house. Leading to the outdoor pool area with it's own incredible views and palm forest. And of course the incredible access to the indoor pool/spa/gym area. Away from the palm forest is the patio with views of all of sunset valley. This includes a fire pit. Beyond that is the cottage, the cottage is a small guest house with quaint and comfortable living areas, a garden, a pond, and of course a patio. This cottage also includes an incredible view.

Other things i never mentioned here are the silver library, an incredible office and of course the indoor spa, but trust me you need to see it to believe it.

I worked very very hard for this house, and it took me a long time studying the particular style mixes getting inspiration, and of course, all the tiny details in the furniture and walls. This was a huge project for me, but i had to do it, for one the alto household was not good where it was, i just deleted it and let my instincts make a home that makes the best use of it's location. This home has been such a huge project, that i really hope that anyone who downloads it can enjoy it as much as I do! It in my opinion is the most royal lot I have ever actually done!

Lot Size: 6x6
Lot Price: Furnished: $726,638
Unfurnished: $465,898

Additional Credits:
I got a lot of inspiration from Tuscan buildings and The Palace of Versailles together, so the end result was a lot of both, another important inspiration was actually many resorts i have been to in the past, they are all exquisite hotels that feature real gold furnishings, they look absolutely precious, i just had to make it. Also another inspiration was the lot where the alto household was, i needed to make something that was actually GOOD in that incredible lot, so here it is. But hey, it looks good ANYWHERE you want it.