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Forgotten Memories - Modern Home - NO CC!

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Uploaded: 26th Jul 2010 at 3:40 PM
Yo. Long time no see.

This would've been my entry for the foundations contest... had I not sat on my lazy ass and took so long to build it. So, after some modifications, I decided I would upload it to MTS anyway.

Forgotten Memories

A house located on the country outskirts of twinbrook, a home forgotten by many, and ignored by others. Until one day, real estate developer, Ernie Westwick, stumbled accross the beaten down property. Hauling in a collection of bulldozers and the good-ole sledgehammer, the shack was reduced to it's bitter foundations.

Ernie, however, suffered much of the same fate. Struck by a mysterious meteor. From that moment on, building ceased. Though the flames engulfed Ernie and all his surroundings in just a matter of seconds, the fondation laid intact. Many years passed, and the foundation lay, once again, forgotten.

20 years later, towns people claim that the house had just magically appeared. A masterpiece of modern architecture, teleported from an unknown location. Even today, the house is a centre of attraction for towns folk of Twinbrook.

Many spectulate that Ernie himself built the home - as a ghost. Finishing his masterpiece. Eye witnesses have reported sightings of the ghost of Ernie himself, patroling the home, guarding off any angst teenage vandalists.

And while many dare not cross its fenceline, they can't help but stare in awe at those who are courageous enough to walk through its doors.

So tell me, are you one of them?

A beautiful modern home, with all the essentials for your bachelor or sim-couple.

  • Gorgeous Kitchen and Dinning Room
  • Carpeted Lounge Room
  • Stunning Dark-Wood Study/Office
  • Upstairs Bedroom with Ensuite
  • Cosy bathroom on main floor
  • Upstairs retreat

  • Various Outside Patio's/Living Areas (including an outisde Gazebo!)
  • Large basement - boasting Laundry, Half-Bathroom, Activities Room* (workbench, drafting table), and a Small Gym
  • Small garden, for growing your own vegtables! (Crops already planted!) - All you have to do is keep the garden tendered and you can earn an easy $500 a day.

  • Parking Space
  • Pool and Pond
  • Beatuiful Landscapes - with the backyard fully fenced!

*There is also a secret door located in this room, at the end of the stairs. I have done this as, in the future, I may decide to go another level underneath the basement and build a cellar or graveyard to bury my Sims in (oh, how I love my morbid mind). So all you have to do is build the basement below, add some stairs (under the current stairs) and you have yourself another room!

You can find more pictures, here

This lot is best located at: 12 Catfish Flats Drive, Twinbrook (you may need to bulldoze a lot to place it there).

Lot Price: Furnished- 123,156. Unfurnished- 78,413.

This lot HAS been fully play-tested.

So, until next time, enjoy.


Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: 123,156