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{Grace}-Dress Conversion

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Uploaded: 22nd Oct 2010 at 4:54 PM
In the beginning was not easy because I had to build a new mesh by joining two different meshes which then created me problems with the fatter Sims.
With the help of some tips from the "create forum" I realized I had to learn to use the TSRW for this.
I tested in game and everything is working well but if there are any problems please let me know.
This dress is only available for female adult and young adult in the formal section with only one channel.
I hope you enjoy!

Polygon Counts:
3614 polygons

Additional Credits:
A special thanks to the creator of the original that allow me to convert their creation Here
Delphy and CTU Team for CTU TSWR
Thanks Wojtek for the hair
Skin by 234jiao
Thanks joninmobile for theEmptied Blue Screen CAS screen