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Wallpaper Overlays: the Borders Edition -plus- a Maxis Border Hider file

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Uploaded: 29th Oct 2010 at 5:40 PM
Updated: 18th Nov 2021 at 3:58 PM - Improved the mesh
Please re-download, and replace the old mesh with this one - dated Jan, 18, 2014
New and IMPROVED version - thanks to Boiling Oil's info
I have changed the mesh to demand less attention from our sims; they will no longer see it as a valuable objets d'art *silly sims*
I also changed the room score so that using multiple overlays will not inflate the room score.
And, the files are a bit smaller now, without the above unnecessary garbage.
The GUIDs are the same, so please do not keep both meshes in your game; all recolors will still work.
The file names have been changed, so it will not overwrite, you must search and destroy the older mesh. Sorry about that
All files are compressed.

Original post below:
...Dang, now you can even put a cozy Rooster border up in your Loggy Bottom Panelled kitchen! Uh, huh.

These are Wall-Overlays; cloned (and changed by me) from Pixelhate's Recolourable FullPoster "Wall Overlay - Wall Animation".
The below explanation is adapted/quoted from his post:
It's a full height 1-tile poster with Maxis recolors, the Mesh is static. It has its own GUID. The polycount is minimum: Faces: 2 Vertex: 4 - The smallest possible object!

It is base game and EP compatible, thanks to Numenor.
It can be found under Build/Architecture for FREE [I mean, why pay for something originally included - right?]

This just in: I've also added a version of the Mesh that will show up in your Deco/Misc category. If you do not have the Architecture tab in your build section (it came with one of the 2 last EPs) then PLEASE get this mesh!

I [both Pixelhate and myself are the 'I' here] didn't make this object, it's a gift to everyone from Numenor, passing through me, so all thanks and credits goes to him.
I'm only responsible for the recolours.

The above in-game picture shows a smattering of examples and the Main Mesh poster/overlay. Though the trims come from various EP/SPs, these are Base Game compliant. The walls shown in the pictures are from my Maxis-Matching Walls: UNTRIMMED .

These overlays are usable with ANY wallpaper/texture you choose. I've made them so you can continuously place multiple sections without having to go back to the catalog every time - useful when doing a whole room.

They work with windows and doors (etc.) - your sim will walk right through them like they aren't even there - the door will function exactly as it should. Pictures and other wall deco can still be hung. One peculiar note: if you are using a 'full' wall overlay (like the OFB Swirls) a door or window will not 'cut out' through the overlay. The sim will still walk/see through it, but it may look a little funny to you when they walk right through the design.

They are layer-able; so you can have a crown/border, chair-rail, and kick molding all on the same wall. See the 2nd example below with the multicolored stripes and also the pillars with the bow. To use overlapping overlays (especially needed on angled walls - shown in the 1st picture below) you will need the "MoveObjects On" cheat. I could not make non-cheatable diagonals work without stretching the texture. So, just stagger them in layers like I did in the picture.

Here are a couple of Mash-Ups - I think I got everything pictured... there are 50 borders, 11 chair-rails, 6 bow festoons, 4 OFB full wall decorations, and 4 faux pillars. Whew!!!

OOPS! I almost forgot the Hiders! With these Overlays you no longer need the corresponding EAxis walls cluttering up your catalog - right? Everything is included in the one EAxis Border Hider's file. Whether or not you have whichever EP/SPs - it is safe to use in any game configuration.

Please check my profile for moar of this Great Wall Project:
- Wallpaper Overlays - the Outside Edition - all the OUTside type wall trims... Tudor Tile anyone?
- Wallpaper Overlays - the Inside Edition - all the INside type wall trims... featuring wainscotting, panels, molding, etc.
- Wallpaper Overlays - the Border Edition - all the EAxis borders without their wall baggage!
- Maxis-Matching Walls: UNTRIMMED - custom plain walls for the few EAxis sets that did not have just "plain".
- Maxis wallpaper as wallpaper, not paint! And other Maxian wall - OMGs fixed! - minor catelog sanity, with major affect (especially when used with all my other Hider files!)

Polygon Counts:
Faces: 2
Vertex: 4

Additional Credits:
Credit to Pixelhate and Numenor for the idea and original mesh. Credit to EAxis for the textures; and credit to K8 at Parsimonious who's generous TOU let me tear apart some of her beautiful walls. Her "Royal Swag" and "Ballerina Bow" are used in the catalog thumbnail for the main mesh, and they are included in a bonus download file.