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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 18th Dec 2010 at 11:49 PM
Updated: 23rd Dec 2010 at 12:08 AM
Cliffstone is a two-story home with a mixture of contemporary and craftsman styles which includes plenty of room for a normal sized family to live in. The property also includes a pool, basement, and one-car garage. The house was built on the property above Sunnyside Strand (where the Wolfe residence used to be before I bulldozed it into oblivion), and that's where the picture were taken. This is not a specialty lot like Sunnyside Villa, so it can be placed in any 40x40 lot and still look it's finest.

Lot Includes:
4 bedrooms
3 baths
Living room
Dining room
Family room
Lots of landscaping

Cliffstone is much bigger than my previous upload and can comfortably fit a family of 4-6 without problems. The bedroom in the basement can be converted, also, if you don't need the space.

The walls on the garage will probably look a little oogly because of the constrainfloorelevation false cheat that I used to attach in to the foundation. You'll either have to ignore it or find a way to fix the lighting (no matter what I did the walls kept contrasting a lot... you'll see what I mean). Nevertheless, it's fully functional and has room for a few recreational items.

The lot costs $135, 930 furnished and $84,599 unfurnished.

No CC or expansion packs required, as usual; and, of course, comments and criticisms are encouraged/appreciated.

Have fun.

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: See above