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Deatherella's Terrain Paint Collection

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Uploaded: 30th Jun 2011 at 12:11 AM
Here are eleven terrain paints in one file -- just delete any you prefer not to use. Files are marked with name and number to make it easy to choose.

Three dead grasses. Going clockwise in picture: 1 dirt with sparse dead grass; 2. grey dead grass; 3. dead mossy grass. All files are marked with numbers to correspone with their terrain type name.

The Grey Pebbly Gravel and White Shells.

Above is "DeadLeaf2" of the four dead leaves ground covers. There are also, two farmland terrains that would work well for a farm or in a garden area.

A comparison shot of the textures with outdoor objects and my test lot resident. He usually stands around catching butterfiles and test-driving the guitars I recolor but I thought he'd do a fairly good job of showing you the size of the terrains, too.

Additional Credits:
I made these terrains using Homecrafter and free seamless tiles from CG Textures -- a site with a generous use policy.