Some Sim Simian faces for your hood

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These are non default/replace face templates with 2 versions of an apish face I created in Body Shop. Since they are non D/R they will add slots after the Maxis Face Arches, instead of forcing you to replace existing faces. As with all large eared or muzzled faces, your Sim object detail must be set at its highest level for these to show up in your game. All templates are genetic, thus passing on game selected features to the next generation.
The main difference between these 2 faces is the ears, Adam has rounded, more chimp or human like ears.
Lucy has larger pointier ears,
The 2 faces are nearly the same in most other respects.
I have created 2 versions of each face, the ones labeled ‘YesRT’ will spawn random townies, the ones labeled ‘noRT’ will not, just like the eelf template without the fix, all are genetic and available in body shop and CaS for you to create Sim faces with. As with the other non D/R templates the full faces are available in both CaS and Body Shop, but the face parts are only available in Body Shop.
I built the files with SimPE using Argon’s argon_arch as a template. I gave all 4 files different GUID and GROUP numbers, and file names, so they won’t conflict with, or overwrite each other, but you only want one version of each (Adam, and Lucy) in your game download folder or else you will get random townies and an extra face in CaS and Body Shop.
I hope you have fun with these, and feel free to post any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Polygon Counts:
adult female faces =571 vertices, 737 faces
all other faces =521 vertices, 737 faces

Additional Credits:

I, and all my Sim animal friends, want to thank the following creators, without their work my simple creations would not have been possible.

Argon at More Awesome Than You! for creating his argon arch and for writing the tutorial that made this type of file possible.

terrakosmos for making the eelf arch available for townies, and thus showing me how to make my arches unavailable to townies

Dominiquex at GoS for her revision of argon’s tutorial, and encouragement

The Creators of SimPE for allowing all of us to create our own Sim world.

KingTorrid for his Lupine arch with its genetic muzzle here, and his open use with credit policy

Katuchan (Katu) for her wonderful large ears at applesims , and permission to use them

FantsyRogue, at Fantasyrogue's journal for her wonderful ears, and an open use with credit policy.

GnatGoSplat for creating Zelda with her amazing ears, and for giving me permission to use them.

Pentabet here for converting Zelda’s ears from female to male, and thus allowing long eared elves and critters to wander my hoods.

The Brown skin is an Enayla ‘Nougat’ blend edit that came with an exchange Sim
The green eyes are my old cat eyes

Shower proof Lycan skins from Meshy614 at GoS

Unlinked Were skins from SynapticSim at Insimenator an 18+ site

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