28 elf eared replacement faces and a no Townies mod for the default face archetypes

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With this set of face arches I tried to create a wide variety of faces that were relatively normal, except for the ears, yet still somewhat exotic, After all they are elves, pixies, aliens, or whatever your imagination wants them to be.

I was using Katuchan’s Electric Boogaloo default replacement set, when I started this set, and I used her files as a template for my own set, so many thanks go to her. I will also admit to cheating by using down loaded Sims as the starting point for many of these faces, but, after blending, editing and multiple templates, few of my faces are more than reminiscent of the originals, and for those few that are still close I have tried to hunt down, thank here, and link to them. Most of the Sims I used came from the exchange before the store closed and they had their crash, but I also have numerous Sims in my bin from here and several other sites. so I have to thank and give credit to everyone who has uploaded Sims to this site, the exchange, and any other site that I may have downloaded from. And I apologize for disfiguring your beautiful creations with elf ears and my own (odd) sense of proportion. Unlike most other CC, Sims become nearly anonymous in body shop, so if you see a face that matches one of yours, please post me and leave a link, and if your Sim is in my bin I will add your name and a link to my credit list.
Most of the working names are from my book of baby names, and have no significance, they just made it easer for doing revisions, and rearrangements.

Adding or removing these or any other face templates has no effect on existing Sims in your game because Sims have their own set of face files for all ages after their creation - a Sim created as a teen will have face files (GMDC) for teen, adult, and elder as part of its file set. Babies inherit designated features from its parents face files, and have no direct connection to the games face arches.
Only new townies and NPC’s will use the new templates, as they also have their own set of GMDC face files. If you want an elf-themed hood you should start with empty or cleaned neighborhoods and EP sub-hoods (Downtown, Blue water, the colleges, etc.) from SaraMK at MATY, it’s a tutorial, but also has downloads and links for clean or empty Maxis hoods, with good instructions on how to install them.

I am including 4 extra face templates that you can use instead the same numbered arches in the main posting. 3 are very close to the original credited Sims, and used to add the larger ears while controlling how much I changed the faces. Extra 03-lynn1 is Libertine Jones by megativity13 at MTS and was used to make 09-lynn2. Extra 15-crow1b is Little Crow , and extra 18-sammy1b is Stalking Moon Both are American Indian Sims by UserDebbie58 at the Sims 2 exchange, and became 14-crow2 and 17-sammy2. (These links may not work unless you are logged onto the sims2.com site.) The 4th , extra 08-avatar2, is step 2 on 28-alien-avatar5, and except for the genetic ears, is close to the Jake Sully and Neytiri Sims by sugarandcaffeine at MTS that I combined to create the arch. The 28-alien-avatar5 version has more generic Na'vi faces. The CC in the pictures of these 2 replacement arches are from the 2 Sim postings. I wish to give a special thanks to these 3 creators

No Townies mod for the 26 default Archetypes (or replacements) and yes townie mod for the eelf and alien arches.

This override mod allows you to selectively stop any of the 26 normal default face arches, or their replacements, from spawning townies and NPC’s. while leaving them available in CaS and body shop for creating Sims
All of the default face archetypes, except #26- eelf and #28-alien, are normally open for townie creation, each numbered and named noRTmod stops that arch from spawning townies and NPC’s, just decide which faces that you don’t want included in your townie/NPC pool and place the appropriately numbered mods in your Sims2 downloads folder.

WARNING do not block all face arch templates (default and non default) from spawning townies/NPC’s or your game will freeze or crash the first time it tries to spawn a townie and can’t find a face for it. So DO NOT unzip into your games download folder. Otherwise this mod is safe and should work with all E P’s, It is updated for young adults (Uni.) and though only tested through Seasons, the others should be O K.
I have also included a yes townies mod for the 26_eelf, and 28_alien arches that allows you to add these faces to the townie/NPC pool. These 2 files are based on and very similar to terrakosmos randomize eelf and alien arches from MATY so if you already have these in your Sims2 downloads folder do not add mine, as you only want 1 yesRTmod or randomize mod per arch.
If you want any of the blocked arches to start spawning townies again, simply remove/delete the appropriately numbered mod.
Feel free to post this mod with your own D/R face arches, either singly or as the entire group, just include the warning ‘read me‘, credit to me and a link to this post. DO NOT post to pay sites or the exchange, and don’t claim it as your own.

Instillation and Known issues for face arch replacement set.

After unzipping the compressed folders, place the selected face arches in ‘My Documents-EA Games-The Sims 2-downloads’
You can only have 1 replacement for each face arch in your downloads folder at a time, so if you already have a set of default replacements you must remove them before adding these. If you have favorites in the set you’re using, just count to them and write down the #, then play mix and match. The numbers. In body shop for all of the ages and genders except adult female have #1 as the first face, but at least in mine, the first face in adult female is an extra, and #1 is the second face. In CaS the counting is normal for all groups
The same counting system applies when deciding which arches, if any, that you want to stop from spawning townies and NPC’s. with the noRTmod
For #21-cper and #25-csla to show up as anything but adults you need to have 1 copy of Argon’s arch fix from MATY in your downloads folder. My no townies mod for these arches includes files extracted from this arch fix, so they won’t work (except on the adults) without it.
To see #28 alien in body shop or CaS you need 1 copy of Argons alien arch from MATY in your downloads folder, it will then show up with any non D/R faces you have after the normal 27.

As with other big eared, or unusual faces, these work best with the Sim/object detail set on the highest level.

The thumbnails for new D/R faces do not always show up in body shop and CaS the first time you run them. I use body shop mechanic and click the ‘refresh thumbnails’ button before starting body shop when changing templates, I think this rebuilds the cigen.package file, otherwise delete the file ‘My Documents-EA Games-The Sims 2-cigen.package’ and the game will replace it. If this doesn’t work, especially for CaS, delete ‘My Documents-EA Games-The Sims 2-Thumbnails-CaSThumbnails.package’, the other file to delete, if the faces still haven’t changed is ‘My Documents-EA Games-The Sims 2-groups.cache’
Not all skin tones are the same when it comes to the ears, most Opeu based skins I have seen use a different ear pattern than Maxis does and it doesn’t display as well on oversized ears, the other skin tone families seem to work quite well with big ears. Sorry Opeu and Opeu fans I like these skins on small eared Sims, but most of my Sims now have large ears.

I only have picture sets for the adult male and female faces, as 448 pictures were more than I wanted to take. The skins are a Louis-jw5 default replacement set, the hair and clothing are (hopefully) Maxis. Except as noted above.
Because of file size I split the set into 3 zipped folders, with the extra face arches and no townies mod in their own separate zipped folders.

Polygon Counts:
all adult females have 571 vertices and 737 faces each
all others have 521 vertices and 737 faces each

Additional Credits:
I, and all my Sim elvish friends, want to thank the following creators, without their work my simple creations would not have been possible.

The Creators of SimPE for allowing all of us to create our own Sim world.

Katuchan (Katu) for her Default Face Replacements 2: Electric Boogaloo at MTS I was using these as D/Rs when I started this project, I also used these as the templates for my own set. I also thank her for the deliciously large ears on her face template at MTS
or at applesims , and permission to use them

terrakosmos at MATY
for making the randomize eelf and alien mods, and thus showing me how to make all arches unavailable to townies.

Argon for the arch fix from MATY that allowed #21-cper and #25-csla to work for all ages

FantsyRogue, at Fantasyrogue's journal for Rhys and Wolf with her wonderful ears, and an open use with credit policy.

Dominiquex at GoS for her non D/R arches and her revision of argon’s tutorial on non D/R arches, as it was good practice for these. and her encouragement.

GnatGoSplat for creating Zelda with her amazing ears, and for giving me permission to use them.

Pentabet here for converting Zelda’s ears from female to male, and thus allowing long eared elves and critters to wander my hoods.

KingTorrid for his Lupine arch with its genetic muzzle here, and his open use with credit policy

sugarandcaffeine at MTS for Jake Sully and Neytiri that I used on my 2 Avatar faces,and a open use with credit policy.

megativity13 at MTS for Libertine Jones and her open use with credit policy

UserDebbie58 at the Sims 2 exchange, for Little Crow , and Stalking Moon and a lot of other nice Sims she posted there

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