UPDATED! Clutter-Free Hair: Messy Pigtails for the Masses

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Uploaded: 6th Jul 2012 at 8:14 PM
Updated: 29th Jul 2012 at 7:16 AM - Updated with additional files.
UPDATE: If you were experiencing issues with the textures of this hair displaying strangely in-game, please re-download, there is a new version. If the problem persists and you have the original Store hair installed and rendering correctly, there is now a Linked version that references it, that one should work for you. Note that you WILL need the original Store hair to use the Linked version.

I've always loved the Hello Angel pigtails from the TS3 Store, but I felt the cat ears and other accoutrements really limited their utility. Not that I didn't enjoy the cat ears, but when you've got 12 Sims running around Sunset Valley with identical 'couture' hairstyles, you know something is amiss. So for my first hair, I thought I'd try what I believed to be a relatively simple alteration, and declutter these otherwise adorable messy pigtails. After 2 weeks and 11 different versions, I finally got it right!

  • Most obviously, this hair is earless. And headband-less. And barette-less. Basically I removed everything but the elastics and the little knobs, which I left so that the hair might retain some childlike whimsy.
  • Polka-dots! With so many other things going on with the original hair, they often escaped notice. Now, however, they take center-stage.
  • This hair is properly binned, and can be found in the "hair with accessories" section of CAS.
  • This hair has correct bone assignments and all four morph states: fat, fit, thin, and pregnant.
  • The thumbnails in CAS are Maxis-Match, meaning your teen-adult thumbnails display in the typical reddish brown color while the elder thumbnail displays in gray.
  • This hair does not replace any other hair, and does not require the original mesh to work.
  • This hair is available for teen-elder, just like the original.


The hair comes with two presets: dark red and mint green. Though there are attached images for both, the mint green is also pictured below:

The knobs and elastics are CAST-able, and work off the same channel. The elastics are solid, while the knobs have a faint polka-dot texture that can be emphasized or obscured depending on your recoloring choices. The knobs also have a shine on them that makes colors appear very bright and vibrant, so darker colors look best.

The control texture is illustrated here, with roots indicated in red, highlights in green, and tips in blue.

This hair has been thoroughly tested in-game and should not engage in crashing, corruption, or other disruptive shenanigans.

Polygon Counts:
3308 polys.

Additional Credits:
Daluved1 for the amazing tutorial that finally stopped me from breaking my .package files.