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Eye Shadow with Eyeliner All-In-One

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Uploaded: 23rd Nov 2012 at 2:28 PM
Well, I've been creating a lot of stuff for my Sims lately, and I am currently going through and picking out what all is "Upload-Worthy"

This time, I've made some Eyeshadow with Built-in Eyeliner. I created a simple eyeliner that I really liked, but I wanted to be able to layer eyeliners, to get the right look for my Sim. So, I combined the Eyeshadow with the Eyeliner. :D
I don't know if there's any eyeliners that you CAN layer, so, I made Eyeshadow in just about every color of the Rainbow!

I hope you like it!

This set includes 16 colors, and is for Female Sims of all ages.

(The Sim in the pictures is NOT wearing any eyeliner. Just the eyeshadow.)