SR Lieutenant Rahab ~ Two outfits

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~ RAHAB ~ one of Kain's 6 Lieutenants ~
Here is the first Outfit for/from Soul Reaver (2 of 6) Rahab.

To start with. I have created two outfits. One outfit that is based on the original look from the Game Soul Reaver.
The second one is an Fantasy design created/drawn by me. (something I thought would match Rahab).
btw. posting them now in Random order!!!

1. The first outfit -Rahab-outfit:
Once again - It's an Update/Edit of yangn of Raziel outfit->Here her Version is Awesome, but I wanted something more look-a-like from the original game, so I made new textures but used hers as reference. most of it is repainted by hand & only kept few things here & there with some edit of my own.
also change it so it would Match Rahab from the game SR. based on the first remake I did for Raziel - but in blue as that is Rahabs color and his Clans marking on the clothing.

2. Second - BO2-Fantasy4: is an Alternative/Fantasy outfit ALL Design & created by Me.
Something I think would look good/match Rahab's style??? Hope you will like it.
extra info/credit: my outfit and sim was based/inspired by this lovely version of Rahab
from this awesome artist on Devianart ->Picture Here

The first/original outfit is in two parts, 1 outfit and 1 Boot/leg Accessory,
Also OBS!! just letting you know if you want to have the complete look as in the preview picture,
you'll need to wear the leg/boot accessory.

Info,Credits & Thanks.
Made with/in: the bodyshop, Painted in Photoshop cs5 with Wacom Tablet.~
as for the sim, most of the stuffs are custom made accept for the EYES
hair: newsea Very old - retextured by me 2nd hair is from MYBSIMS

portakal for the clothing mesh - HERE
yangn for the Awesome Textures.
8ksims for the leg warmer accessory (the site doesn't exit anymore).
Daislia for the Fantasy Mural/wallpaper.