Lady GaGa "Born This Way Unicorn" Tattoo by FeedMyPopHeart

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Uploaded: 5th Feb 2014 at 1:02 PM
Updated: 5th Feb 2014 at 7:39 PM by FeedMyPopHeart - Updated the files to a new version
Inspired and modeled after Lady GaGa's Born This Way unicorn tattoo on her thigh! :D

I found a design using Google and made some alterations to it while creating the outline for the tattoo including removing random nonsensical hairs, fixing parts of the mane, fixing small oddities about the text, etc.

In both versions of the file the mane and banner background colors are re-colorable. The 3 basic color schemes include the traditional blue mane, a green mane and a red mane.

NOTE ABOUT DIFFERENCES: With the "with eyecolor" package, the eye will match the color of the mane, whereas with the "without eye color" package, the eye will be "transparent" and match the white coat of the unicorn.

You can find design samples of the manes and how the eyes look in the main preview (the one with the 3 unicorns on top, text in the middle, 3 unicorns on bottom)

I attempted to make the eye colorable on it's own but for seem reason it kept failing to work, but somehow worked to share the color of the mane with it. Perhaps in the future I will try and get it working properly

ABOUT MAKING EYE ITS OWN SEPARATE COLOR: I CAN make a version like this but I would have to sacrifice the ability to change the color of either the banner or the unicorn. If any of you would like this option, let me know and I will upload a version like that. Thanks

It SHOULD work with an updated base-game but I have not tested it with that scenario as I have EPs and SPs installed, but should definitely work with Ambitions installed. (If anyone with just a base game should have any trouble or find it to not work, please contact me!)

This is my first piece of work, so I encourage constructive criticism, comments, praise or whatever!



Initial release.

Cleaned up the areas that had a little color bleeding and purposely made unicorn fur colorable now instead of accidentally (like what happened with v1).
The mane, banner and unicorn can now all have their colors changed but note that the "with eye color" version still has the eye color matching whatever color the mane is. This cannot be changed to try to make the eye its own separate color due to only being able to use 3 colors unless I sacrifice the ability to change the color of either the banner background or the unicorn. If you would like to see a version like that, let me know.

Additional Credits:
anoanoanoano from DeviantArt for the original re-drawn design of the tattoo! (
CmarNYC here on MTS for the Tattooinator program and his tutorial on how to make tattoos using gimp!