6 'Shampoo Advertisement' Posters

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Uploaded: 19th May 2014 at 1:08 PM
Hi everyone!
I bring you something completely new today!

''.. Who doesn't dream of full, soft, and silky hair? Every sim needs that something special that they deserve and need ; a nice full head of lovely hair! Get rid of bad styled hair with our newest product: Llama shampoo with extra conditioner!''

I needed that something extra in my Sims' hair salon that would make it look a bit more professional and realistic: Maxis match shampoo ad posters!

The 'shampoo' featured on the posters is actually some kind of perfume that came with the Night Life EP, and it only comes in yellow; however, it can still be fun to pretend it's really shampoo. I believe you can find it in the hobby section in commercial lots.
I took some really nice shots of my sims and decided to make them into models for these posters. They're pretty large, so you might need to make some space for them. I've been using them in my stores for a little while now and I'm really enjoying them

I didn't change anything but the image, so the price, poly size and shape is exactly the same as H&M's original poster.

you DO still need H&M Fashion Stuff Pack in order to have these appear in your game, they can be found as a recolor within the same poster file

Enjoy and happy simming!

Additional Credits:
EA Nightlife for the 'Perfume' stand
Skysims, EA Store, and all the talented artists which make-up I used in these photos.